​​Loving the Campus. Lifting the Community. Living the Commission.

Andrew Brown, Outreach Coach

​Noah Hendrix, Productions

Hey there! My name is Noah Hendrix and I am blessed to be serving as Gordon State’s BCM President for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 school year! I am starting my Junior year at Gordon working on my Business Management and Administration degree. I have attended BCM at Gordon since I started 2 years ago and have previously served on council as the Production Specialist. I am blessed to be a part of Thrive Young Adult Ministries at FBC Barnesville and serve on leadership for the Ministry. I have spent my summer serving as a youth minister assistant through BCM’s SENDMENOW summer missions. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and I’m very thankful for the impact BCM has had on not only my life, but also my spiritual life. If you need me for any reason don’t hesitate to contact me @nh224492@gordonstate.edu
Or at 678-972-7106.

I can’t wait for an amazing year!!!

My name is Jacob Smith. BCM, where do I begin? God has changed my life in the most positive ways through this ministry. From meeting and making friends, building relationships, and most of all growing closer to Jesus Christ. Which is the source of our salvation, by saving grace we are forgiven of our mistakes and sins, whether from our past or present. And by that, we are made new through the sacrifice Jesus made for us. BCM has helped me move forward in my life with Jesus and it can do the same with you. So come join the family! God loves and accepts you, so do we.

​Hello everyone! My name is Noah Hendrix and I am a sophomore at Gordon State. I got heavily involved with BCM during my freshman year at Gordon and now am serving on council. BCM is an AMAZING place to get together with fellow followers of Jesus Christ. You will have the opportunity to worship, serve, and fellowship together. You will make friends that will change your life and be a shoulder to lean on when you are in need. I can’t wait for an amazing year of fellowship, worship, and service with everyone! Team Jesus! 

Hey guys! My name is Alyssa Woodby and I am a sophomore at Gordon State College working towards a degree in human services. This is my first year being on council for BCM and I am so excited to see what God is going to do! BCM is an amazing place to come together as one in Christ like we are intended to be, a family. A unit, moving ourselves and other towards Christ.

Hola! My name is Kaci Schram and I am a biology major here at Gordon state. I have been going here for about three years And absolutely love it! One of the reason of why I love it is because of BCM! BCM is so amazing because it welcomes anyone of any kind and provides a great environment to get to know Jesus (and a few of his disciples). I cannot wait for you to experience the community and love you get from BCM!

BCM has helped keep me grounded in the faith while in college, which is a difficult feat for any student. Members have become brothers and sisters, and you can be transparent with all of them about who you are. No fake faces here, I love BCM!

​​Maddie Pollard, Communications

Hello my fellow Gordon students! My name is Andrew Brown. This fall will be my second year at Gordon State College. I am studying Criminal Justice. BCM is a great place to fellowship with people. Every Monday night the word of God is spoken. I can't wait to see your smiling faces this fall!

Meet the BCM Council

​Kaci Schram, Spiritual Coach​

​Jacob Smith, Spiritual Coach

Adam Dent, Outreach Coach for Commuters

Hi! My name is Maddie Pollard and I am a sophomore at Gordon State. I am a Human Services major. I came to BCM all through my freshman year and this group has become like a second family to me! This is my first year on council and I am excited to see how God will move this year! Open your heart to Him and allow God to show you more of who He is this year. You will be surprised to see how much you learn, especially in BCM! I look forward to a great year!

​Alyssa Woodby, Missions Coach

Noah Hendrix, President